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We CONSULT our clients, or partners, as we like to call them, on their marketing and business objectives and develop a communication strategy to optimize their goals. 

We CREATE brand stories, content and other marketing assets that will reinforce your messaging.

 We CONNECT to other professionals, brands and businesses utilizing our extensive network, track record in the industry, and community contacts.

As your representative, our aim is to broker fruitful associations that can lead to growth opportunities.

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PR and Communication Strategy

During our first discovery session, we dig deep into your brand personality and objectives, familiarizing with your short and long term goals. 
We then develop an in-depth, well researched communication proposal outlining suggested strategies and tactics that will help you reach them. 
This is the research and planning phase which then turns into an action plan.

Strategic partnerships and growth development

We seek out and identify collaboration and business opportunities with like minded opinion leaders, brands and businesses. As your agency, our aim is to help you grow your business through cross promotions and non-paid partnerships as well as connect you with the right people who can take things to the next level. This is a key tactic that utilizes our resources and vast existing network, to find synergy wherever possible.

Influencer relations and marketing

Relationships are built over time and when it comes to influencers, we have done just that. Whether on social media or not, influential people are everywhere and it takes a certain level of experience and know-how, to leverage the influence they could have on the success of your brand. 
We help make the right selections when it comes to choosing friends of the brand, strategically managing collaborations and activations that work in your favor.

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Brand and Community Management

Part PR, part customer relations, part producer and part marketing, we are the face of your company to the community and the interface between your community and your company. Through social listening, we serve as a brand's ambassador, engaging with potential customers and building relationships with existing ones.

Social Media Management

We manage your social media accounts, creating, curating, scheduling, analyzing and engaging with content. We implement your marketing strategy on social media 
whether your goal is to gain new customers, maintain your reputation, gain brand awareness, or build partnerships.

Content Creation and Distribution

Through quality content, you communicate and connect with your community and clientele as well as build a brand identity that will distinguish you from others. Coming in with a journalistic and editorial eye, we don't do copywriting, we do storytelling. We live and breathe your brand, then translate this into words and visual aesthetic commissioning photographers, videographers, and graphic designers for specialized  support if and when needed. 

*Our writing services are also available in Arabic and French.

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Events, Activations and Project Management

We produce on-ground or online events and activations to build brand awareness, developing the concept and objective, orchestrating the build-up and publicity and managing  the event itself followed by the post event reporting.


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