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Our Clients

Our curated list of clients is a selective one, as we mainly work with brands we believe in and are passionate to represent. Whether it's a special brand story, a unique product or service with high quality and standards, something that adds value to people's lives or a drive and vision that demands awareness, there's a reason why we connected.

Clients: Clients
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Dr. Feelings

Dr. Feelings is a brand that was created by psychologist Dr. Elena Andrioti to inspire parents and give them tools to help their children thrive. The Dr. Feelings name was chosen to represent a Child Psychologist and to normalize the profession of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology. Dr. Feelings was founded in 2021, launching its first product, a set of custom created routine cards to encourage independence in small children and bonding with parents.

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Petit Bateau

ApricotPR has been commissioned to support the international French kids wear brand with community outreach events and influencer activations in Dubai.



Kamkalima started off as an education technology startup in Lebanon in 2015, with the objective to boost Arabic teaching and learning online. They are now headquartered in Abu Dhabi and their e-learning platform is being used in over 70 schools across the region. We supported Kamkalima while they hosted the first virtual conference focusing on AI in education, the future of the Arabic language and innovative solutions for schools featuring prominent speakers from Al Futtaim education and Queen Rania Foundation amongst others.


The Healthy Home

A leader in home health and environment, this Dubai brand uses eco friendly methods and products to rid your space of pollutants that hinder your wellbeing. When you breathe better, you sleep better, and when you sleep better, you live better! Their certified services are divided into several categories such as Pure Sleep, Pure Air, Pure Living, and Pure Water - all with the same purpose, to really make your home, your haven.


Kids First Group

Kids First Group (KFG) is the leading group in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Doha for providing premium early years education and childcare. Founded in 2011, they have 24 nursery schools.
Their state of the art learning facilities, bespoke curriculums, dedicated management, and pedagogical teams across our nurseries place their brands names at the highest level in the UAE.
KFG is part of a wider global movement that takes large steps in the innovation of early years education.

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